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Easy Rainbow Rice

Easy Rainbow Rice

I’ve been seeing some awesome posts recently on Instagram about Rainbow Rice and how to make it. It had been a couple of years since I had made colored rice with my Pre-K class, so I figured it was time to try it out again! I had always used the Vinegar Method where rice is put into a baggie and mixed with vinegar and food coloring in the desired color. It works really well and is great if you have a little one that may try to eat it. The draw back I found was colors were not vibrant and the room would reek of vinegar for a few days. When some fellow learning-through-play moms were talking about using PAINT instead, Emma and I had to try it out!

It was also a perfect time to work with Emma on the order of the rainbow. We have two sets of these bowls from IKEA.  One set we use to eat with and the other is used for playtime! They’re cheap, dishwasher safe (!), and great for sorting. Emma poured some uncooked rice into each bowl and then squirted on some paint. We used tempera paint, but I’m under the assumption that just about anything would work fine.


We also have the matching spoons from IKEA.  Emma had fun mixing up each bowl and watching as the rice was covered in the paint! The tricky part was keeping the rice to stay inside the bowl! I did help out when she was done to make sure the rice was fully coated in paint.


Emma then dumped each bowl onto a drying tray and used the spoon to spread the rice out. She was careful not to mix the colors while they were wet!


It was a sunny summer’s day so we set the trays outside to dry in the sun. It was probably dry within an hour (super hot that day!), but it was also nap time so the trays stayed out for about 2.5 hours. When I went to check on the rice again, not only was it completely dry, it had not lost any vibrancy! It was slightly stuck together in places, so I gently ran it through my hands to break it up a bit.


Once it was all broken up, I was able to snap a couple of “Insta-worthy” pictures before I let the littles ones go!


Emma had a blast! I pulled out our Guidecraft Stacking Rainbow Pyramid for her to have something to transfer the rice into. “Look how beautiful it is all mixed up!” says the 4-year-old. 🙂




The smaller stacking blocks made for good scoops. The various sizes also had Emma working on measurement skills. Which block could hold the most rice? How many scoops did it take to fill the big block?


Even Lee got in on the fun! He couldn’t resist the bright colors and he loves doing whatever sissy is doing!


Being 16 months, he did try to eat it a couple of times. This is where the Vinegar Method would still be helpful for little ones. He found his own little block to transfer the rice into and chatted away with Emma.


It’s moments like this when they’re both working together that make my heart full! We spent the majority of the afternoon filling, dumping, spreading, and stacking the rice. It was a wonderful sensory play idea. We had all of the materials in our kitchen and my craft room which meant it was FREE! The paint method will definitely be my go-to recipe for Rainbow Rice from now on. You just can’t beat how easy it was and how beautiful the result is!


Wishing you well,


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Our First MLS Game

We took some time last week for a weeknight family outing! With Matt’s new job we actually have some time in the evenings to spend as a family of 4 and we’ve been taking advantage of every minute! Although Matt and I were both music majors, since we’ve been married we have followed Columbus sports (and sports in general) pretty closely. Soccer is a game that is easily played in the backyard and one both Emma and Lee love! Always trying to give our children real life experiences, we found a great deal on Columbus Crew tickets and decided to take the kids to their first game. To say Lee had fun is an understatement! We thoroughly enjoyed watching him and interacting with him all night!

(I do have to put a quick disclaimer in that Emma was running a fever for the entire game. She didn’t complain a bit even though we could tell she was miserable. Poor girly!)

Of course we picked up some new gear for the occasion from Homage. Matt and I have a shirt for just about every sports team in our state. We call them “Just In Case” shirts for that moment when we randomly pick up tickets and need something to wear!


We had amazing seats for $20! We ended up right above the tunnel where the players entered/exited but far enough way from the infamous Nordecke that the kids weren’t covering their ears the entire time. Here you can see Lee standing in front of our seats with a perfect view of the pitch and the players entering the field.


It was also Star Wars night, hence the Wookie and Darth Vader leading the team out! Emma did get a kick out of hearing John Williams music played over the speakers in the stadium. It was one of the few times she perked up.


You can tell from the video here that Lee wasn’t hindered by the chanting at all! In fact he LOVED it! He is so responsive to music and a strong beat; I’m interested to see if he has inherited any musical abilities from Matt or myself.

Not only did Lee have fun chanting and clapping along with the Hudson Street Hooligans, he loved the food! The following is a picture montage of my sweet 15-month old eating a giant pretzel.


Pure. Joy.


After all of the cheering, all of the clapping, all of the eating, and following the ball across the field, the little guy had to have a souvenir! He is now in love with his soccer ball and always tries to get us to play with him! “Ball” was one of his first words, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume he’s going to be a sports kid! Even though he’s not walking yet, he’ll push the soccer ball toward one of us and shout until we roll it back to him. We then rinse and repeat until someone gets too tired to play (usually the adult).


Needless to say, our family had an amazing time at the Columbus Crew game! It was a great family friendly event that both of our kids enjoyed. Although Emma was not feeling well, she got first-hand experience at what a professional soccer game looks like and witnessed some of the rules in action.

Professional sports and Columbus go hand-in-hand. Our family experience here is one many families enjoy throughout the season at a Crew SC game. The city of Columbus is fiercely loyal to its teams, and I would be extremely saddened if our MLS team was moved to another city. If you’re from the Columbus area, or just an avid MLS fan, take a look at the website and see how you can help #SaveTheCrew.


Wishing you well,